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De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Program (180 DAYS INHOUSE) (90 DAYS AFTERCARE) Activities:

  1. Outreach programs and counseling for current users and their families.
  2. Detoxification for current users and de-addiction programs through the 12 Step programs which includes disease definitions, concepts, causations, misconceptions, symptoms, patterns and characteristics, Wisdom models etc.
  3. A holistic approach will incorporate input classes on the 12 Steps for the Drug users in the rehab ,inventory classes ,group discussion etc.
  4. Formulation of self help group.
  5. Help line that will include counseling services both individual and family counseling, which will be operated by trained counselors 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  6. Work therapy, yoga, meditation and exercise.
  7. Post mortem sessions.
  8. Classes on HIV and other infectious diseases.
  9. Extended cares, day care services ,follow ups and referrals
  10. Social reintegration and inter-action
  11. Post counseling that will refer clients to different organizations like CCC, VCT etc.
  12. Regular health check up for the in house clients by doctor and referrals to different health care settings as per the need.

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