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An environment with access to all kind of health services, community development, enjoying all political, social, economical, and cultural rights, getting employment opportunities and no stigma & discrimination society.


- Non-discriminatory, supportive community living to bring about changes in lifestyle to alter the risk perception, to minimize harm, and to see the need to monitor life as an ongoing process of spiritual growth of Drug user in Nepal.

- To empower drug users by increasing knowledge and skills, mitigate negative consequences of drug use including blood borne infections by introducing evidence based and best practices in the world, and create enabling environment for universal access by incorporating Policy makers, Political parties, Program Implementers, and Media.

- Provide treatment and rehabilitation to drug users so that they become a productive member of the society.

- Create awareness in society, schools colleges and local clubs and conduct family meetings with families.

- Introduce options to drug use through various skill development projects in collaboration with local community.


1. Insure enabling environment from policy to programs for discouraging drug users and trafficking through providing comprehensive approach for services in the country so that trafficking of Drug and HIV infection among the drug user will be reduced and halted.

2. To rehabilitate and reintegrate drug users to have a dignified life in society and empower and build the capacity of Drug users.

3. To create awareness on Drug trafficking, HIV prevention and other blood borne diseases by performing awareness campaign, orientation to community people, workshops, and information sharing community.

4. To develop capacity of community people, IDUs and PLHA by introducing skill and knowledge based activities.

5. To advocate and intervene on comprehensive package for drug users on Drug use treatment, HIV treatment, care and Harm Reduction.

6. To create enabling environment for drug users to access existing services, to encourage IDUs to come openly in society by lowering several forms of stigma and discrimination in society and community.

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