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So, simple it may sound then but now it contains a great weight in my life. I was flying high in my own imagination enable to see the land slipping by down under my feet. Late I realized and tried to stand up but I fell again and again. I kept in mind it's never late or it's not the end as every end is a new beginning for a new start. i gave a new Start, every end I striked as the good inside me kept on crying to move on to defeat the bad. Now when I look back I realize I would had gone insane and possibility that I could have died doing nothing. I still remember the days when everything inside me craved for drugs.

The world we live in today is deteriorating by the day.  Global warming, ozone depletion , poor waste management and pollution are the major causes for it. Unless we take steps quickly to reverse this, there isn’t going to be a Planet Earth for the future generations.

The one issue that we can handle without any external help is waste management and waste reduction.  To begin with, keeping our immediate surroundings clean should be the primary target. Cities have many dustbins placed at regular intervals. But there is always more garbage surrounding the bin than inside it. Why are the citizens so apathetic ? Is it not the duty of every person to ensure he keeps his city clean?

We have started this campaign to continue providing drug awareness program all over Nepal in schools, college and community so that people can understand more about drugs and it risks. We are and also planning to rehabilitate more people who have lost everything and who have strong desire to fight back with addiction.

This means a lot to us as we were also one of them and now we want to fight back for good. Most people don't know about drugs and how it destroys you and your family. We want to share our story and with a HOPE that we can fight back.

On Saturday, April 25, 2015 a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, just northwest of the capital of Kathmandu. It was the worst quake to strike the region in more than 80 years.

The area was hit with a second 7.3 magnitude quake just 17 days later, on May 12, causing further damage and suffering for those who had survived the initial disaster. Nepal, well known for its rich cultural heritage and extreme tourism, is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. The damage done by the quake has a put a strain on its citizens that will last for many years.


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